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Hello everyone–

I’m still busy building my credentials as the latest avatar of Dave Intermittent (or Dave, Interrupted), but I’m checking in here to point you in the direction of this conversation re: my book, Chimera Lucida (at the Agora Review).

I hope you’ll read it–it (or, I should say, my interlocutor Jenny Sampirisi) gave me a  wonderful opportunity to articulate some of the things that I was trying to accomplish there.

see you later folks!



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Every time I look at this sign, it makes less sense.

See if you can figure out whom the persona is addressing.

wacko(courtesy of the Toronto Zoo)

more substance later in the week


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Was away on vacation (Toronto was quite wonderful) and I’m still quite bus slagged, but I gotta keep my hand in here, right? I’m afraid the best I can offer today is a finger (the index–not the middle):

1. David Allison has returned–check out his latest foray into The Filth

2. David Cairns’ film club rolls on (Renoir-style)! I won’t miss any of these, from now on!

3. my discussion with Andre Soares (re: Cassavetes and Judy Garland) in the comments section here will soon flower into an Anagramsci post–look for it (if that’s your kind of thing)

4. and here we have Sean Collins on Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme–’nuff said

a bientot


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Hello all–

Just a quick post to let you know about my fiction blog, which will feature weekly pieces set in Montreal.

hope that will interest some of you



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So what’s it all about, Anagramsci?


Friendship… character… ethics… no… wait… that’s Johnny Caspar’s blog.

But I care about that stuff too.

I’ve got an idea that criticism should cozy up to its subjects. Dive into the material and come out dripping with cogency. I treat my texts like I treat my friends–taking them seriously without TAKING THEM SERIOUSLY. I read/watch/listen to things that involve me in a conspiracy of fun (I’ll always be grateful to Steven Grant for that term; and if you want to know what it means–or, at least, what I mean by it–just picture the opposite of escapism). And I write about them to enlarge the cabal. Sincerity, purged of naïveté–that’s the goal.

Irony is a lovin’ thing–and the only sound basis for community.

So c’mon–let’s have lects.


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