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So what’s it all about, Anagramsci?


Friendship… character… ethics… no… wait… that’s Johnny Caspar’s blog.

But I care about that stuff too.

I’ve got an idea that criticism should cozy up to its subjects. Dive into the material and come out dripping with cogency. I treat my texts like I treat my friends–taking them seriously without TAKING THEM SERIOUSLY. I read/watch/listen to things that involve me in a conspiracy of fun (I’ll always be grateful to Steven Grant for that term; and if you want to know what it means–or, at least, what I mean by it–just picture the opposite of escapism). And I write about them to enlarge the cabal. Sincerity, purged of naïveté–that’s the goal.

Irony is a lovin’ thing–and the only sound basis for community.

So c’mon–let’s have lects.



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